How should I spend a day in Yokohama, Japan?

Question: How should I spend a day in Yokohama, Japan?

Answer:  Every time I have visitors to Tokyo I end up taking them to Yokohama because of its relaxing and attractive waterfront. It’s a welcome change from the somewhat constricting confines of central Tokyo.

My classic route in Yokohama includes the following:

(1) Start at Sakuragicho station

(2) Walk along the path of a former railway, which heads out towards Yokohama’s broad waterfront; this is Kishamichi Promenade 汽車道. This path is lined with cherry trees (link).

(3) Window shop or eat at Akarenga 横浜赤レンガ倉庫, the ‘Red Brick Warehouse’ that survived WW2 and serves as a popular shopping and dining attraction:

(4) Take in views of Yokohama from the top of the architecturally impressive Yokohama Ferry Terminal.

(5) Continue along the elevated path of a former railway:

(6) Yamashita Park and the Hikawa Maru 氷川丸 historic ocean liner, now a museum.

The view of Yokohama’s skyline from the Hikawa Maru (source):

(7) Window shopping in Motomachi, an upscale ‘shotengai’ shopping street.

(8) Make an obligatory detour into Yokohama’s Chinatown.

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