What are “adults only” hotels in Japan?

Question: What are “adults only” hotels in Japan?

Background: tourists who use travel websites when booking hotels in Japan may see listings that say “Adults Only”. For example:

Answer:  As I explain in the following post, Sleeping with Hello Kitty: travel sites bring foreigners to Japan’s love hotels, the term “Adults Only” generally means that this is a “Love Hotel”. Love hotels were initially created to give couples a place to enjoy sexual activity in privacy. According to Wikipedia, the names comes from “Hotel Love” in Osaka, which was built in 1968.

View from a Hello Kitty-themed love hotel room:


  1. Hola! Puesto que yo hace poco me hice un viaje a benidorm y lo cierto es que excelente, peo claro tu
    viaje tiene mejor pinta, jajajaja menuda comparación, mas bueno cada uno de
    ellos a lo que puede ;), me ha encantado la entrada, saludos desde madrid!



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