What do Japanese people eat? 日本人は何を食べますか?

the tokyo files 東京ファイル

What are the most popular types of food in Japan? This question crossed my mind after reading a question on Quora:

Which is more commonly eaten in Japan, Western influenced cuisine (Yōshoku) or Chinese influenced cuisine (Chūka)?

My gut reaction was that Western food is more popular than Chinese food; after all, Italian, French, and other Western restaurants are all over Tokyo. But is this true outside of Tokyo? Rather than relying on observation and intuition, I thought I’d take a look on a popular Japanese food website. Tabelog.com has listings for over 1 million restaurants in Japan. These listings are separated into 35 categories and even more sub-categories.

The top 10 categories of food in Japan, per Tabelog’s listing, are:

  1. Washoku (Japanese food) 和食
  2. Izakaya (Tavern), Dining Bar 居酒屋・ダイニングバー (Izakaya dainingubā)
  3. Restaurants (other) レストラン(その他)(essentially Japanese food, this includes 45,043定食・食堂 (teishoku shokudō), 19,229 

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