In Japan, home is where the heart is, for 41.16 years

the tokyo files archives 東京ファイル

Question:  You often here that the lifespan of Japanese houses is quite short. Is it true?

Answer: Yes, for now.

The references that I found indicate that the average life of a detached wooden house in Japan is between 30-40 years. Some of the data indicates that the average life has been increasing over the years; however, Japanese houses are still young by Western standards. One source notes, “homes last an average of 30 years in Japan, 55 years in the US, and 77 years in the UK.”

The young age of Japanese houses is due largely to their rapid loss of value: old houses are essentially worthless, falling to zero in 15 to 25, or 30 years. An article in The Guardian succinctly explains this:

“The origins of this unusual approach to sturdy structures are the result of a long history featuring earthquakes and fires. The second world war…

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