How to go to Zenpukujigawa river by train?

Question: How to go to Zenpukujigawa river 善福寺川 by train?

Answer: The Zenpukujigawa river is not a single point. It is a river, so there are many points in space where it can be accessed. My favorite section of the river starts upstream here (map), and runs to here (map).

To reach the river by train, there are two options:

1) From the south, there are a few stops on the Keio Inokashira Line that are within reasonable walking distance to the river. For example, Nishi-Eifuku Station 西永福駅 (map), which is 11-18 minutes from Shibuya Station.

2) From the north, you can reach the Zenpukujigawa via the Marunouchi line at Minami-Asagaya Station 南阿佐ケ谷駅.

Some of the points of interest along the river include:

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The arc of the Zenpukujigawa at the bottom middle/left of the photo..



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